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Basics of International Humanitarian Response (BIHR)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Oct 2016


InterWorks conducted a UNHCR eCentre “Basics of International Humanitarian Response” (BIHR) workshop in Fort Thanarat, Thailand from 23-31 October 2016. Thirty-five participants from UNHCR, other UN agencies, government and NGO counterpart institutions participated, representing 17 different countries in the Asia Pacific region.

The field-based emergency management course, builds capacity through realistic simulations and field exercises, promoting information exchange and best practices in emergency response as well as contributing to strategic and operational partnerships. The training focused on topics such as rapid needs assessments, coordination, core humanitarian response sectors, distribution systems, human rights in emergencies, education in emergencies, civil-military relations, negotiation techniques, field communications and security concerns.

I really enjoyed the entire course. It was both theory and practice and had so many group works, which I loved. All the facilitators’ availability and experience was excellent.

– Workshop participant