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Basics of International Humanitarian Response (BIHR)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Jun 2004

InterWorks conducted a UNHCR eCentre Workshop on the Basics of International Humanitarian Response (BIHR) in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia from 7-11 June 2004. The workshop provided basic training on the basics of refugee protection, the UNHCR role and mandate, and refugee emergency management. Participants attended from China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Russia and Thailand. This workshop had relatively more intense focus on refugee law and issues relating to the 1951 Refugee convention and the refugee definition than other workshops due to particular interest in this area in the region. The workshop also targeted government counterparts more heavily than NGOs for this event.

Thank you for the good lectures, nice management and administration. This workshop was very well organized and helpful to anyone who is related to emergency management. A big hand for all participants and staff!

– Workshop participant