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Basics of International Humanitarian Response On-line (BIHR)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Nov 2021

The UNHCR Regional Centre for Emergency Preparedness – eCentre held a webinar series from 15 – 24 November 2021 based on the long-running Basics of International Humanitarian Response (BIHR) workshop. The webinar was conducted with 32 participants enrolled from primarily from the UNHCR Myanmar operation and partner agencies, as well as four participants form the ASEAN AHA center in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This webinar series was planned upon request of the UNHCR Myanmar Operation and held to support capacity-building and general readiness among the Myanamar-based participants for possible emergency response in Myanmar. InterWorks was asked to assist in the preparation and facilitation of the eight-day long webinar series based on the January 2021 pilot version of this event. The UNHCR e-Centre hosted the event on Zoom and provided essential administrative and support services.

The overall webinar series design, preparation, and facilitation of case-study presenters was done by InterWorks,LLC with ongoing administrative support and webinar invitation and participation monitoring provided by the UNHCR eCentre. The overall approach was to convert the traditional field-based face-to-face BIHR workshop to an online format. The workshop duration was shortened and many of the field-based hands-on exercise components were excluded (rather than trying to replicate them online). The training of the core elements of the BIHR workshop were accomplished:

The workshop was very helpful to my work and I have learnt a lot on the training as well as knowledge and experiences shared by colleagues fully participating. Grateful to this session and much appreciated to the opportunities, all the lessons and time.

– Workshop participant