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IOM 2017 Annual Planning Retreat


International Organization for Migration (IOM) | Feb 2017


InterWorks facilitated the 2017 Annual Retreat for the IOM New York Office to the United Nations to set strategic priorities, reinforce teambuilding and internal coordination and draft work plans, aligned with their new status within the United Nations. Read more

Leading and Managing Change

lead and manage change

Leadership Communication and Teams Workshops | Ongoing

lead and manage change

Research and experience both point to the high prevalence of flawed implementation and failure of organizational transformation initiatives and change projects – as high as 70% by some accounts. InterWorks designs, customizes and facilitates “Leading and Managing Change” workshops to enhance your leaders’ and managers’ ability to plan, lead and sponsor effective organizational change initiatives and projects. Read more

Leading and Facilitating Cross-Cultural Teams


Leadership Communication and Teams Workshops | ongoing


This customizable course is designed to enhance the ability of team leaders, facilitators, and managers to lead, facilitate and coach cross-cultural groups and global teams. Participants assess their cross-cultural competence, identify cultural biases and sources of cross-cultural misunderstanding which may undermine their effectiveness, and learn strategies and techniques to foster more productive meetings, workshops, communication, and discussions in cross-cultural settings, including in cross-cultural virtual environments. Read more

Leading Project Teams

leading project teams

Leadership Communication and Teams Workshops | Ongoing

leading project teams

InterWorks designs and facilitates training to improve your capacity to plan, lead and deliver successful projects by enhancing the quality, tools, timeliness, and consistency of your project and team leadership approach. Workshop topics include: fundamentals of project management, project planning and estimating budgets, minimizing project risks, time management and managing project workloads, leading your project team, meeting and surpassing client expectations, and project reporting. Read more

Planning for the Inclusion of Displaced Populations in the Education Sector e-Forum


International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)/UNESCO | Oct 2016

InterWorks supported the development and implementation of an e-Forum entitled: Leaving no one behind: planning for inclusion of displaced population in the education sector. Working as part of a team of organizers, including IIEP, UNHCR, PEIC and GPE staff, InterWorks assisted in the preparation of forum, moderated the discussion during the forum and assisted with the development of a final report at the forum’s conclusion. Read more

Program Innovation Workshop

Leadership Management and Innovation | Ongoing

Sep 2016

Interworks designed and facilitated a strategic innovation workshop bringing together key program team members including program directors, managers, and staff to brainstorm, analyze and prioritize innovative ideas that could transform a U.S. based utility energy efficiency program resulting in greater energy savings and impact during the next 3-year program cycle. The workshop includes lateral thinking activities and teambuilding elements to trigger innovative thinking and inspire creativity among the team.

UNDAF Strategic Prioritization Retreat


United Nations Country Team (UNCT) | May 2016


InterWorks partner Charles Dufresne facilitated the UNDAF 2018-2022 strategic prioritization retreat for the United Nations Country Team and national partners in Khartoum, Sudan from May 4-5, 2016. Read more

IOM 2016 Annual Planning Retreat


International Organization for Migration (IOM) | Jan 2016


InterWorks partner Charles Dufresne facilitated the 2017 Annual Planning Retreat for the IOM Special Liaison Office to the United Nations in New York from January 21-22 to reinvigorate the team and establish key work priorities for 2017. Read more

Preparedness Package for Refugee Emergencies (PPRE)


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Mar 2013 – Jan 2014

InterWorks collaborated with UNHCR in the development of the Preparedness Package for Refugee Emergencies (PPRE). Read more

Educational Planning for Conflict and Disaster Risk Reduction Distance Course


International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)/UNESCO | Sep-Nov 2012

InterWorks developed modules for and co-facilitated a Distance Course on Educational planning for conflict and disaster risk reduction from September – November 2012. Read more

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