Security Risk Management (SRM) Virtual Workshop

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Feb 2023

InterWorks facilitated a virtual Security Risk Management (SRM) workshop over five days from 20-24 February 2023. Participants were from eight different countries and represented a range of organizations including NGOs, government agencies and UNHCR. This was the fourth eCentre virtual Security Risk Management workshop. It consisted of 11 interactive web-based sessions, including a final critical incident management online simulation with the REMS Read more


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) | Jul 2023

InterWorks led the IASC Emergency Team Leadership Programme (ETLP) online training, organized by UNHCR DESS on behalf of the IASC from 17-21 July 2023 via the Zoom conferencing platform. At the request of the IASC, UNHCR serves as the institutional home for the ETLP by facilitating the tendering, overseeing the design, and ensuring the delivery of the learning program. The ETLP is an interagency blended training programme which reinforces individual team leadership competencies and fosters effective, efficient and professional leadership in humanitarian emergency team settings. Read more