Projects Sub-Saharan Africa

Conflict Early Warning and Prevention Training Program (EWPM)

United Nations System Staff College | Jul 2006

InterWorks facilitated the UN System Staff College inter-agency Conflict Early Warning and Prevention, a 5-day training program in Ethiopia. The purpose of the program was to bring Conflict Early Warning staff and partners together to learn how to conduct early warning analysis of agro-pastoral conflicts using an adaptation of the UNSSC Early Warning and Preventive Measures methodology. The primary aim of the UNSSC EWPM project has been to build institutional capacity by significantly improving professional and analytical skills and awareness of UN staff and its partners in the area of early warning and preventive measures, and as a corollary, by promoting greater mutual exchange and co-ordination within and between departments and offices dealing with policy and practical aspects of early warning and preventive measures.

InterWorks has facilitated workshops for the UN System Staff College EWPM project since 2001. Workshops have been conducted in Papua New Guinea, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Niger, Senegal, South Africa, Hungary, Ethiopia and Italy.