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Corporate Training Strategy for Emergency Response

World Food Programme (WFP) | 2006

InterWorks developed a corporate training strategy for World Food Programme’s (WFP) emergency response. Responding to emergencies is one of WFP’s core businesses, which requires a large number of highly-skilled professionals who are experienced and/or trained to respond to critical situations. With an escalation of natural and man-made crises globally, there was a growing demand on WFP to respond more quickly and efficiently to emergencies, while continuing to provide sufficient support to on-going operations.

In keeping with one of WFP’s top priorities – to respond to four corporate emergencies at any given time – the training strategy developed needed to:

  • Improve managerial skills essential for emergency operations
  • Increase the cadre of staff with basic emergency skills necessary to operate in any fast paced environment
  • Ensure that technical training courses are consistent with the overall corporate-wide approach, and that they are technical sub-sets of the basic emergency skills training

After a needs assessment and institution-wide interviews, a document was prepared that met the strategic objectives of WFP’s training unit as well as operational units that requested the training strategy.