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Educational Planning for Conflict and Disaster Risk Reduction Distance Course

International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)/UNESCO | Sep-Nov 2012

InterWorks developed modules for and co-facilitated a Distance Course on Educational planning for conflict and disaster risk reduction from September – November 2012.

The distance course aimed to take participants through a systematic examination of the ways in which education authorities can integrate conflict and disaster risk reduction into sector planning processes. The course targeted teams of Ministry of Education planners and education actors, and key decision and policy makers from approximately five countries. The course examined a number of core education planning steps such as:

• establishing a diagnosis of the risks affecting the education sector;
• integrating C/DRR measures into regular education policy, planning and programming interventions;
• developing a relevant C/DRR strategy to respond to risks identified;
• monitoring and evaluating progress on implementation of risk reduction strategies; and
• mobilizing human and financial resources to implement C/DRR measures.