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Emergency Management Training

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Jan 2015


InterWorks facilitated an Emergency Management Training workshop for UNHCR and International Humanitarian City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 18-25 January 2015. The objective of both the workshop and field exercise was to prepare emergency response professionals from the Gulf States for international deployment to humanitarian crises around the globe.

The course was interactive and work-oriented, and employed a variety of methodologies, including simulation exercises, presentations and case study, as well as group and plenary discussions. The agenda included sessions on international emergency response, public information and media, international coordination models and practices, protection in emergency response, field security, humanitarian negotiation approaches, field supplies and logistics for emergencies, and telecomms in emergencies. During the field simulation exercise, conducted at the warehousing facilities used by the UNHCR Supply Office in Dubai, teams conducted emergency operations planning, emergency camp design, and budgeting exercises while experiencing realistic field scenarios.

The trainers are friendly, highly knowledgeable and able to deliver the information efficiently and smoothly

– Workshop participant