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Emergency Management Training (EMT)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Aug 2018

The Emergency Management Training (EMT) for ECOWAS held at Martin Luther Agwai International Leadership and Peacekeeping Centre in Jaji, Kaduna State, Nigeria from 26 – 31 August 2018, was organised by the UNHCR Global Learning Centre and InterWorks for UNHCR’s Regional Representation for Western Africa, UNHCR Nigeria and ECOWAS.

The primary aim of the Emergency Management Training (EMT) workshop was to prepare members of ECOWAS Emergency Response Team (EERT) and ECOWAS staff for deployment to displacement/refugee emergency operations to contribute to overall operational effectiveness. The main role of an EERT is to establish or strengthen ECOWAS’ capacity to provide protection and assistance in emergency operations when locally available resources are unable to cope. The workshop concentrated on the following areas:

  • Setting up systems and procedures
  • Designing an effective operation
  • Operations planning
  • Team building
  • Working with operational partners

The EMT was a highly participatory and practical workshop that focused on techniques, tools and tips designed to help EERT members to participate in emergency/repatriation operations. The EMT was attended by some 31 participants, including representatives of various NGOs, ECOWAS member states and UNHCR, and covered three broad themes:

This training was very good and timely. I wish to thank the organizers very much for this opportunity and hope that support for deployment will be encouraged.

– Workshop participant