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Emergency Team Leadership Programme Workshop

UNHCR | Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) | Oct 2006

InterWorks conducted the second Emergency Team Leadership Programme (ETLP) workshop in Chavannes de Bogis, Switzerland from 8 to13 October 2006.

The ETLP is a blended learning programme consisting of a pre-workshop phase with readings, peer feedback and self-assessments, a weeklong face-to-face workshop and a post-workshop learning activity. Themes which anchor the design of the ETLP include “emotional intelligence”, “situational leadership”, “’win-win’ negotiation”, “decision-making in emergencies”, “team care/ trust building in emergencies” and “coaching”. All ETLP learning activities, discussions and presentations are contextualized to reflect humanitarian emergency environments, challenges and scenarios.

The ETLP targets individuals within the IASC network of agencies (at the UN P4 level) who are currently leading teams or offices in the field or who expect to be available for deployment as emergency team leaders within 12 months following the workshop.

My overall appreciation of the workshop is very good. Very informative, at the same close to field reality. Very sensitive issues such as emotions that are seen as being the domain of privacy are discussed and analysed openly. Acknowledging that the results of an emergency mission are not only based on technical/intellectual “know how” but also greatly on how you know your team members, partners staff, government and beneficiaries is a key contributor to success.

– Workshop participant