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Essentials of Humanitarian Negotiation (EHN)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Oct 2017


InterWorks conducted a 3-day Essentials of Humanitarian Negotiation (EHN) workshop for UNHCR’s eCentre in Cebu, Philippines from 25-27 October 2017 Participants were largely from the Philippine Ministry of Social Welfare and Development and Civil Defense.

The course focused on the skills and practice of humanitarian negotiation. The course trainers provided short presentations of key components of humanitarian negotiation and provided scenario-based, role play exercises through which key elements could be explored, utilized and practiced. The workshop included multiple opportunities for participants to practice collaborative negotiation skills such as asking questions, listening, generating solutions, and finding win-win solutions to negotiation challenges. It also included sessions on the centrality of protection and negotiating with non-state armed groups to highlight the importance of humanitarian principles and international legal frameworks as critical components of the “interests” of humanitarian negotiators.

This was really excellent!!! Facilitators are very effective and engaging; participants are active so much appreciated!! And will be very useful! Thanks so much for a great workshop! Such fun learning too.

– Workshop participant