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IASC Education Cluster – Regional Capacity Development with Ministries of Education

International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)/UNESCO | Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) | Oct 2009

InterWorks conducted an IASC Education Cluster – Regional Capacity Development workshop with Ministries of Education in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 27-29 October 2009 for representatives from the five countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The workshop was an orientation to the global IASC education cluster and to issues related to risk reduction and preparedness for conflicts and disasters.

Participants completed a pre-workshop capacity analysis survey to begin assessing their capacity development needs in advance of the workshop. During the workshop, the survey was used during the reflections on additional capacity development needs. A follow-on activity was also completed based on the needs and priorities of participants that are identified during the workshop.

The workshop drew on a range of training methodologies and facilitation techniques, including short presentations, group work, facilitated discussions, a simulation/role play exercise and one case study that was presented by the Ugandan team. Participants were encouraged to participate actively and to share concrete examples from their own countries.

A hands-on workshop largely that sensitized participant on reality of emergency preparedness.

– Workshop participant