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IFRC Contingency Planning Skills Workshop

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) | Sep 2013

InterWorks conducted a four-day workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia to build Federation capacity in contingency planning skills. The workshop was an intensive 5-day training course in; the Federation Contingency Planning (CP) Package of materials, its approach to CP, and an intensive hands-on practice in facilitating small working group sessions on drafting the various sections of a CP. Draft CP documents were prepared by the working groups from Nepal, Maldives, Timor Leste, and Indonesia. Representatives from China and Fiji assisted other groups in developing their own plans.

The workshop was designed to expose participants to the experience of leading small working groups through drafting different core sections of a scenario-based CP following the Federation template. Each of the 20 participants led at least 2 turns facilitating their country team in development of key CP components. Once the core sections were drafted, the teams assembled them into an overall CP document. The complete drafts were then reviewed in plenary by all country delegations on the last day of the workshop. Action plans for the completion and review of the CPs were also designed by the 4 working groups for follow-up by the concerned National Societies as well as the Zone.

This is the second time this workshop has been offered since the creation of the IFRC CP Package of training materials. The first pilot event was offered last year in Jogjakarta and focused on the content of the CP Package and platform presentation and facilitation skills.

Mr. Jim has the excellent facilitation skill. The IFRC team is cooperative, friendly, behavior and training is memorable. See you again.

– Workshop participant