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Integrating a People-Centred Approach to Humanitarian Response

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Nov 2014

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InterWorks assisted the UNHCR Regional Centre for Emergency Preparedness (eCentre) in the facilitation and conduct of the regional workshop, “Integrating a People-Centred Approach to Humanitarian Response” in Bangkok, Thailand from 9–14 November 2014.

In responding to the capacity needs identified by partners, UNHCR and UN OCHA’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific designed the workshop to help support a more effective, predictable and coordinated response to displacement and humanitarian needs in the Asia-Pacific region. The workshop was attended by 30 participants from five countries in the region: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and Nepal. The purpose of this workshop was to introduce participants to the core principles and activities of a ‘people-centred approach’ focusing on the four themes of protection, gender, accountability to affected populations and communications with communities. This workshop, using a scenario-based highly participatory format, focused on how to integrate these areas in programming and coordination and build skills on how to do so in a practical way that produces concrete results .

InterWorks provided support particularly in the gender mainstreaming component of the workshop as well as in the scenario design, development and execution.