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Management of Recovery and Reconstruction

International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)/UNESCO | Dec 2006

Working with UNESCO and district education officials in Pakistan, InterWorks conducted an educational planning and management needs assessment workshop for senior managers in the earthquake-affected areas of North West Frontier Province and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The workshops focused on emerging planning and management needs faced by district officials as a result of the October 2005 earthquake that destroyed thousands of schools in these areas.

InterWorks developed materials and facilitated a pilot workshop “Management of Recovery and Reconstruction” in Islamabad from December 11-14, 2006. This workshop was the second in a series of educational planning and management workshops for senior educational managers in the earthquake-affected districts of AJK and NWFP. It was developed to meet the stated training needs of senior educational managers as identified in March-April 2006. This workshop built upon the knowledge and skills that were discussed during the first workshop: Introduction to Educational Planning and Management. The goal of the workshop was to contribute to the overall goal of “build back better” and to provide an opportunity for senior managers to discuss their role in the reconstruction process. The workshop provided senior managers with additional management tools and techniques that can help them plan and manage recovery and reconstruction in their districts.

Situation analysis, determination of a challenging vision, setting of priorities to achieve this vision, SMART objectives, objective trees, preparation of PC I, disaster preparedness planning (was most useful).

– Workshop participant