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Mini Security Risk Management Virtual Workshop

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Oct 2020

InterWorks conducted a virtual mini Security Risk Management (SRM) workshop with the UNHCR Regional Centre for Emergency Preparedness (eCentre) in support of the Japan NGO Initiative for Safety and Security (JaNISS) from 26-28 October 2020. Participants were primarily from Japan-based NGOs mostly operating from Japan though local staff members from Bangladesh, Kenya, Iraq and Nepal.

The mini SRM consisted of six interactive web-based sessions that focused on the steps of the security risk management process from threat and vulnerability assessments to risk determination, managing risk and considerations of programme criticality and acceptable risk. In addition, a session was included on security plans and planning as this is an essential aspect of security risk management. The session designs and materials were adapted from existing eCentre SRM trainings and are based on the general security risk management process used by the UN Security Management System. The webinar facilitators provided short presentations of key components of the overall SRM approach and provided scenario-based, hands-on exercises through which each of the tools introduced could be explored, utilised and practiced.

I liked the very practical exercises especially the ones using risk matrix. The process of determining the mitigating & preventing strategies was very useful to learn. I will definitely share this with my organisation’s colleague.

– Workshop participant