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Monsoon Flood Emergency Preparedness Planning Exercise (MFEPX) with COVID-19

USAID/DAI Tayar Nepal | Mar-Jun 2020

InterWorks developed a table-top exercise package to support up to a one-day monsoon flood emergency preparedness table-top scenario planning exercise (MFEPX) complicated by Covid-19 concerns.

The MFEPX incorporates a monsoon induced flood scenario occurring in a high-risk municipality while there is an ongoing outbreak of coronavirus within that municipality. Though the flood emergency scenario impact focuses on one municipality, the response was designed to be led by the CDO and DDMC officials, in coordination with key municipal authorities, partners and emergency flood response organizations, with support from provincial and national actors. The MFEPX scenario focuses on a few select priority preparedness and response functions, decisions and actions linked to evacuation prior to flooding, up through the first 7-days after the flooding. The MFEPX was written for approximately 25 participants, selected by Tayar Nepal and NDRRMA, representing district, municipal, provincial and national level actors.