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Online Security Management Learning Programme (SMLP)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | May-Sep 2021

InterWorks and the UNHCR Global Learning Centre (GLC) and Field Security Service (FSS) held the second offering of the Online Security Management Learning Programme (SMLP) from May-September 2021. The SMLP has been an on-going programme of UNHCR since 2006 and was revised for online learning consisting of a combination of eLearnings available through Learn & Connect and a series of web meetings to review key points, apply learning from the online modules, and to answer participant questions. Participants were expected to complete each module (block of eLearnings) before the planned web meeting for each module.

The learnings addressed the different steps in the SRM process, programme criticality, security planning and security budgeting to help participants gain an understanding of the underlying concepts with the aim of making more informed security risk management decisions. The workshop also included an online CIMEX developed specifically to compensate for the virtual aspect of the training.

Really a very well designed, administered and facilitated LP, cadeau to all involved.

– Workshop participant