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Post-Conflict Needs Assessment for Coordination Officers (PCNA)

UN Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO) | Mar 2011

InterWorks conducted a third inter-institutional training in Post-Conflict Needs Assessment (PCNA) from March 6-11, 2011 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The workshop, based on previous PCNA Expert Practitioner trainings, was tailored for Coordination Officers.

All sessions were designed to be as participatory as possible, engaging the participants in exercises, reflecting on the exercises, citing lessons learned from previous PCNA examples and generating learning points for future use in the field. The objectives relating to this workshop were to enable participants to: cite lessons learned from previous PCNAs; identify the modules that can potentially be used in a PCNA; demonstrate the appropriate use of key PCNA instruments from the PCNA toolkit; describe roles and responsibilities of PCNA expert practitioners and Coordination Officers; and produce key deliverables for which the Coordinator is responsible, including preparing draft outlines for thematic and synthesis reports.

The workshop brought together staff, with substantial experience in working in post-conflict and transitional settings, to begin assembling a cadre of trained practitioners to be deployed on short-notice to lead and facilitate future in-country PCNA exercises.

Many of the tools are very useful for non-PCNA activities. The relationships built and increased understanding between agencies will hopefully also help improve our relations outside of a PCNA context.

– Workshop participant