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Preparedness Package for Refugee Emergencies (PPRE)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees | Jan 2014

InterWorks collaborated with UNHCR in the development of the Preparedness Package for Refugee Emergencies (PPRE). The package was developed by UNHCR in response to demand from field operations for guidance and support. The UNHCR Regional Bureaux, support Divisions, and a dedicated field reference group of UNHCR practitioners working in many different regions around the globe all helped to make this Package a practical tool for field use. InterWorks assisted in the development of this package from early meeting facilitation, consultation on the development of the tools and content, and development of the final design of this comprehensive document. It explains how to better prepare, analyze, and plan for potential refugee emergencies together with partners.

This Package provides guidance, tools, and templates for accomplishing basic preparedness actions for all UNHCR offices worldwide. It also provides a tested methodology for analyzing the risk of potential emergencies. This analysis, when done systematically, provides specific guidance on when to take more advanced preparedness actions, and when to prepare scenario-specific contingency plans. The actions described in the PPRE will help to better prepare for and ultimately respond to refugee emergencies faster, more efficiently, and in greater coordination with governments and other partners.