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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) | Nov 2018

The first Spanish Emergency Team Leadership Programme, Programa de liderazgo de equipos de emergencia, in Spanish, was held from 12-16 November 2018 in Bogotá, Colombia. The ETLP fosters effective, efficient, and professional team leadership in humanitarian emergency settings by improving the team leadership competencies of participants in their roles as emergency team leaders. Themes include emotional intelligence, leadership communication, situational leadership, decision making in emergencies and team negotiation.

By participating fully in this programme, participants gain greater self-awareness as emergency team leaders and refine skills to help them build, influence and lead a team which is cohesive, effective and dedicated to performing at its best. Eighteen participants attended this workshop, representing eight different countries, and 12 different organizations including UNHCR, UNDP, FAO, UNOCHA , IOM, WHO, Save the Children, International Rescue Committee, World Vision, Oxfam, HIAS, Heartland Alliance International, and RET International.

Congratulations on the methodology, it helped me self-reflect and refocus on being a leader with a mission, and address my fears.

– Workshop participant.