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Security Risk Management Self-Study Learning Module

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Jan 2009

InterWorks co-authored a self-study learning module on security risk management for UNHCR. This course was based on materials and approaches developed by UNHCR’s Field Safety Section for the training of UNHCR managers deploying to insecure environments. The aim of the module is to introduce managers of humanitarian and development programs in insecure areas to the techniques and tools of managing risk. Emphasis is placed on three principle areas of concern: security risk assessment, security plans and planning, and critical incident management. The course also provides insights into the current security environment and organizational responses, managerial accountability and due diligence, security-related relationships with other actors in the field, and management of stress in insecure field environments. The ultimate aim is to help managers to cope better with the difficult task of balancing humanitarian programmatic imperatives with the associated security risks to their staff. The course is designed to be self-contained, allowing learners to proceed at their own pace. Each chapter ends with a short test, allowing for self-assessment of the