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Security Risk Management (SRM) Virtual Workshop

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) | Feb-Mar 2022

InterWorks facilitated two virtual Security Risk Management (SRM) workshops specifically for JICA personnel upon request of the Planning Division of the Security Management Department of JICA in Tokyo. These workshops were based on the 2020 face-to-face JICA SRM workshops conducted in Japan and Kenya and the 2021 JICA virtual SRM workshops. This year, the first JICA virtual SRM took place from 31 January – 4 February 2022 and the second took place from 28 February – 4 March 2022.

The course focused on the overall security risk management (SRM) approach as well as specific tools and techniques, from initial threat assessment to mitigation of risk, security planning, and critical incident management. The general security risk management process used by the UN Security Management System formed the basis for the presentations and materials.

The course trainers provided short presentations of key components of the overall SRM approach and provided scenario-based, hands-on exercises through which each of the tools introduced could be explored, utilised and practiced. Participants completed the exercises using a fictional case study adapted for the JICA SRM to focus more on development-related issues and to include information related to a fictional JICA overseas office. These virtual SRM workshops also included two critical incident management exercises. In addition to Zoom, the CIMEX used an automated system that allows for pre-programmed injects (via simulated email, radio call, news alert, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to be sent to participant teams.

Thank you so much for the excellent training throughout the week. It was a lot more than I expected the virtual training can provide, and this will definitely make my work a lot easier and effective from tomorrow.

– Workshop participant