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Simulation: IOM Simulation Mass Evacuation in Natural Disasters

International Organization for Migration (IOM) | Mar-Sep 2016

The MEND Simulation Project was written and developed in close collaboration with the IOM emergency team in support of IOM’s efforts to build the capacity of its staff and partners to support national and local government efforts to develop mass evacuation plans during natural disasters.

By raising awareness of mass evacuation challenges, dynamics and the overall evacuation planning phases, this simulation, along with the MEND guide and workshop , contributes to enhancing the capacity of IOM missions to support and build preparedness capacities of national / local government and partners to develop and execute effective local plans for mass evacuation based on the MEND Guide.

The simulation can also be used, as a pre-planning or pre-training exercise with IOM staff, government ministry partners and UN and NGO partners, to raise awareness and appreciation of the need to engage in mass evacuation planning, training and/or improve existing mass evacuation plans.