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Situational Emergency Training (SET)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Apr 2019

InterWorks designed and conducted a Situational Emergency Training (SET) workshop for UNHCR and its partners from the UNCT, the government (Ministry of Emergencies, Migration Services and others), the Armenian Red Cross, and NGOs, from 16-19 April 2019.

Presentations were delivered in English and Armenian with simultaneous translation. The event was held at the Ministry of Emergencies Training Academy in Yerevan, Armenia. Attendance ranged from 28-32 each day. Overall, the purpose of this workshop was to enhance the knowledge, skills and interagency network of UNHCR, and partners required to more effectively coordinate and respond to future refugee emergencies in Armenia.

The workshop training team was very prepared, and the sessions were very well delivered

– Workshop participant