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Sphere Training of Trainers Course

Canadian Medical Assistance Teams (CMAT) | International Medical Assistance Teams (IMAT) | Feb 2012

InterWorks conducted a three-day Sphere Training of Trainers course in Seattle, Washington from 18-20 February 2012. The workshop was designed to be a comprehensive, yet concise training for CMAT and IMAT colleagues who have had previous field experience, knowledge of Sphere (the 2004 Edition) and who already have some background in training. The training included the use of short PowerPoint presentations, individual and group exercises and interactive participation. The objectives of the course were to help participants to:

  • be more confident in delivering Sphere-based training and be adept at making maximum use of group participation activities.
  • review the new 2011 version of the Sphere Guide.
  • understand modern adult education approaches to training and facilitation
  • practice these skills and evaluate their own performance during the course.

This was the first short-form TOT training on the new 2011 Sphere materials conducted by anyone, anywhere. The decision to present the course in this format was made due to several factors, including the overall cost and time constraints for the participants, and the understanding that the training group already had a basic foundation and understanding of both Sphere and training principles. Due to a recent updating of the Sphere guide in 2011, there were not yet many training materials available that are revised to be in concert the new edition.

This TOT course therefore made use of the recently published InterWorks Sphere Technical Course that is based on the 2011 edition. Additional training sessions relevant to improving training skills and working toward a genuine participatory approach were also included.