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Staff Safety and Security Workshop for the Japanese Red Cross Delegates

Japanese Red Cross Society | Nov 2010

InterWorks conducted a third Staff Safety and Security workshop for the Japanese Red Cross delegates from 13-18 November 2010 in Wakayama City, Japan. This 2010 SSS workshop was closely based on previous courses and the post-course evaluation of those events. The workshop was conducted in English by the same group of trainers and facilitators as previous years, which made preparations and coordination of the sessions streamlined. The workshop featured a participatory approach that included fictional and real case-studies, role playing, brainstorming, analytical exercises, physical practice, and a daily update and analysis of a fictional security case study country scenario (Suremia). The stated objective of the workshop was to increase the skills of the participants in the areas critical to their own safety and security while working in dangerous overseas missions. Most of the participants had some previous international experience and were able to share those experiences and ask questions pertaining to their previous field activities. The incorporation of the participants’ “mini-case studies” into the various sessions was evaluated positively, and kept the workshop sessions related directly to the participants field experiences and interests.

This security course was really organized and impressive for me and there were lots of useful skills and knowledge for international operations.

– Workshop participant