The Sphere Handbook 2018 Edition Review

Sphere | Sep-Nov 2018

InterWorks conducted a focused review of the Sphere 2018 Edition and identified key changes to the content between the 2011 and 2018 Handbook editions. The key changes identified were used to inform Sphere’s training and learning tools and contributed to the development of Sphere’s publication “What is new in the 2018 Handbook”, a long and detailed documentation of changes, written first and foremost for Sphere trainers, donors and NGO/UN senior and middle management.

Energy Efficiency Program Innovation Workshop

| Sept 2016

Blue glowing hardware with particles, computer generated abstract background

Interworks designed and facilitated a strategic program innovation workshop bringing together key commercial building energy efficiency program leaders and staff to brainstorm, analyze and prioritize ideas that could potentially transform a U.S. based utility energy efficiency program resulting in greater energy savings and impact during the next 3-year program cycle. Read more