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Wisconsin Language Summit

University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) | Jan 2018

Charles Dufresne, InterWorks partner, facilitated the summit.

Charles Dufresne, InterWorks partner, facilitated the summit.

InterWorks facilitated the Wisconsin Language Summit held on January 26, 2018 at the Fluno Center in Madison. Stakeholders from Wisconsin’s business, human service, K-16 education, community, and government sectors gathered to identify the state’s current and future multilingual workforce needs. The Summit highlighted the value of languages on both state and national levels, as well as the role of language skills in bolstering the state’s economic competitiveness. Additionally, attendees reviewed Wisconsin’s current K-16 educational capacities in world languages and discussed recommendations for future directions for K-16 world language education. The summit is an important milestone in the Wisconsin Language Roadmap Initiative, which is funded by a two-year grant from The Language Flagship of the National Security Education Program in the United States Department of Defense. The Wisconsin Language Roadmap Initiative seeks to improve the economic competitiveness and vitality of the state through language education.

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