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Workshop on Emergency Management Online (WEMO)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Mar 2022

InterWorks facilitated the Workshop on Emergency Management Online (WEMO) for the Emergency Response Team (ERT) roster for two events held 11-18 March 2022 (WEMO 7) and 25 March-01 April 2022 (WEMO 8). Overall coordination, planning and administration of the workshops were managed by the UNHCR Global Learning & Development Centre (GLDC) which administers the WEM on behalf of the Division of Emergency, Security and Supply (DESS). Overall event design, facilitation, and preparation of workshop materials was done by InterWorks, LLC. in concert with the UNHCR GLDC and UNHCR content experts as designated by the GLDC.

The intensive and demanding course prepared participants for emergency deployment focusing on three areas of emergency management: managing yourself, managing relationships, and managing your operational role through all phases of the deployment. The course was interactive and work-oriented, and employed a variety of methodologies, including an online emergency simulation exercise, presentations and case study, as well as group and plenary discussions. The agenda included sessions on team-building, operations planning, financial and administrative systems, operational partnerships, communication and negotiation skills, security, coordination and information-sharing, telecommunications, and humanitarian protection.

It was an excellent case study and the exercise to develop a response plan was very useful training. Before starting the training I honestly didn’t expect much from an online training, also because I tend to get distracted if I have to look at a screen for too long, but this training kept me continuously engaged and I can say that I learned a lot. Thank you!

– WEMO 7 Workshop participant