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Trainer’s Package for a Four-Day Sphere “Technical Sectors” Course

InterWorks has developed a 4-day training workshop design to make the technical/sectoral aspects of the Sphere Project’s Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response more accessible to managers, generalists, and other humanitarian field workers who may sometimes feel “out of their depth” in dealing with the various standards and indicators in the four “technical” chapters of the document.

The materials, taken together, support a concise and cohesive 4 – day workshop that will guide participants through the entire Sphere handbook (2011 Edition). It provides insights into many of the typical problems found in the sectors of WASH, Food, Nutrition& Food Security, Settlement, Shelter and Health. It also illustrates each of the key standards associate with these topics and graphically illustrates many of the indicators associated with each.

The workshop sessions are a mixture of short presentations of key information and practical hands-on exercises designed to engage participants with the problems encountered in the field. The discussions and debriefing of these exercises will provide participants with a better understanding of where and how the Sphere Standards and Indicators can assist them and the people they serve in humanitarian responses.

You are welcome to use any or all of this material without restriction, and only request a brief citation of InterWorks as the source of this training material. Please contact us if you would like to review these materials.

2012 Sphere Technical Sectors Workshop – Trainer’s Materials

(Key Workshop Reference is the 2011 Edition of the Sphere Project Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response)

Proposed Workshop Agenda (4 days – All Sectors)