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Examples of Courses & Workshops
Participants engage in a facilitated small-group brainstorming session

InterWorks training courses and workshops are customizable, current and emphasize practical application of principles, concepts, best practices, and lessons learned from the field through dynamic and interactive sessions and exercises. We apply adult learning theory and principles to the design of our courses and workshops and employ a variety of teaching and learning methods including simulations, role-plays, case studies, small group discussions, table-top and functional exercises, field exercises, mini-lectures, learning fairs, video feedback, peer feedback and self-assessment instruments.

In addition to workshops, InterWorks can offer distance learning and e-learning products and services which allow participants to learn at their own pace and convenience. We also have designed blended learning programs that begin with a pre-workshop distance-learning phase, followed by a residential workshop, and ending with an individualized post-workshop action learning project.