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Security Management Learning Programme (SMLP) Workshop

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Oct-Nov 2023

In conjunction the UNHCR Global Learning and Development Centre (GLDC) and Field Security Service (FSS), InterWorks facilitated a hybrid Security Management Learning Programme (SMLP) consisting of two online meetings, a series of eLearning modules on Learn & Connect and an in-person workshop in Budapest, Hungary from 6-9 November 2023

The first online meeting served as an introduction to the SMLP and its requirements and also focused specifically on the topic of Duty of Care, which is fundamentally linked to security risk management and an obligation of UNHCR heads of offices.

The second online meeting, facilitators discussed UNHCR’s security exposure at a global level and introduced the topic of security risk management to set the basis for the learning programme. In addition, the topic of a Person Centred Approach to SRM was introduced and further elaborated in discussions during the workshop in Budapest.

The main workshop sessions followed the different steps in the UNSMS SRM process, programme criticality, security planning and security budgeting to help participants gain an understanding of the underlying concepts with the aim of making more informed security risk management decisions. The workshop also integrated Duty of Care and a Person Centred Approach to SRM throughout.

Participant used their own SRM reports during the workshop to study and analyze their own reports in detail and in some cases, participants flagged issues in their SRMs to take back to their operations and discuss with their FSAs and potentially the SMT/ASMT.

A simulated SMT meeting and critical incident management exercise was included using a variety of platforms to add value to the exercise.

Very well organized and put together workshop!! A good balance between review of the framework/policies from self-study and practical advice in how to be effective in the UNSMS

– Workshop participant